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find a asian lover Our hero, a ambitious architect who doesn't know where to draw the line, lives in a cardboard box and has everything one could wish for but still can't find happiness. One day the architect who doesn't know where to draw the line meets a boringly normal property tycoon. Together they chance upon a bank robber's stash. They take the money and run... for their lives. Along the way they survive the treacherous pursuit of a trained assassin and in the end they disappear into the hills. findaasianlover Our hero, a thirty-something wizard, lives in a loft apartment and is looking for work. One day the wizard meets a carefree faith healer. Together they make it big after discovering oil in the most unlikely of places. Along the way they survive bankruptcy and in the end they make it safely across the border.

All models were 18 or older at the time the photos or videos were taken